AOL Desktop gold customer service is a package that is anything but difficult to utilize and the work area is well known since 2015. This is an across the board work area that has caught the eye of numerous clients as it has a program, email, media player, moment delivery person and that’s just the beginning. It additionally has premium security features and auto updates that end up one of the significant attractions for clients to utilize this work area.

The top-notch highlights of Desktop Gold help in shielding your work area from any sort of trade-off or even from hacking, while the programmed updates assist you with saving time as there isn’t a need to look for the most recent rendition of refresh accessible. Updates happen naturally without interfering with your work.

How Might You Troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold?

aol desktop gold troubleshoot

At some point in time, every application and browser need your special attention. It might standstill working, or you might have changed the setting by mistake which may cause you a little bit of interference. In the event that you know certain convenient solutions, you can undoubtedly apply them and begin working with no issues. Here are essential things you should think about AOL desktop gold support.

Updating Desktop Gold

How do you know if the desktop is ready for an update? Should you manually update it? The answer to this question is simple! You don’t have to manually update it as it will be automatically done. You may have to close the desktop gold and open it again which initiates the update process. Quickly shut down and reopen the desktop to see the latest version.

Is Your AOL Desktop Gold Working Moderate?

Commonly, individuals whine about their program or work area working gradually. By following the beneath steps, you might be able to fix it.

Restart Your Desktop

Do you restart your desktop often? If no, go for a restart. As you restart the computer, it would clear the data stored or working on the internal memory (RAM). In this way, various issues are resolved many times. So, restart your computer when the desktop gold is slow or standstill responding.

Enabling Startup Programs Which Are Required

While working on a computer, there are multiple programs that would be active on the very next moment you switch on the computer. Some of these unwanted active programs would slow down your computer. Not all the programs that start are required for the functioning, and hence, disabling the unwanted ones and enabling the required ones would help in increasing the speed of the desktop.

Make sure you try the options one after the other. When one fails, go for the other one. And if both fail, you need to get in touch with AOL Mail through various mediums.

For What Reason is The Desktop Gold Not Getting Associated?

Having issues with the connectivity? You cannot work offline. You must have an active internet connection to use desktop gold. If it is getting disconnected, you need to find out if your modem has an active internet connection.

These are some of the basic troubleshooting steps you can follow. If you have any major or minor issues with the desktop gold, you can feel free to Contact AOL Desktop Gold Technical Support Team who can provide extended assistance to get you back working!

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