Filing your taxes can end your stress but not completely! What’s the last thing you need to do after filing your taxes? You need to just save the file and take a backup of the file for maintaining records for future reference. This helps you avoid unnecessary situations like lost document, misplaced document, and paperwork. It’s always good to have a soft copy of the tax document saved in a flash drive for reference.

TurboTax is one of the best tax filing software that is used for calculating and filing taxes. You can easily save the tax documents in a flash drive and transfer all the details from one computer to the other without any trouble. If you are wondering how to transfer the data from the software to the flash drive, this article will help you to do it with ease. You may also avoid calling the TurboTax customer service team if you follow these steps. But if you still need assistance, you can contact the team and get it done without any effort.

Here are the five handy steps that would help you to take a backup of your TurboTax file to a Flash Drive.

5 steps to transfer file before you call the TurboTax customer service

Step 1: Take your Flash Drive and insert it into the USB port of the computer

Step 2: Launch the TurboTax and open your account in TurboTax. Now open the tax file you are willing to save in Flash Drive. Again, if you are already using TurboTax online, simply access the account and click the button HOME and switch to the Welcome page

Step 3: From the menu FILE, displayed under the version desktop, select the option ‘Save As’ and locate the place where you want to save the file on the computer hard drive. Click on the option ‘Save’. While using the online version, you need to click on a link that is labeled ‘Save Your Return to Your Computer’ option which is on the Welcome Window. After that, you can download the file to your computer hard drive. If you get confused here, you can seek the help of any TurboTax Customer Support professional by calling them.

Step 4: Now close the program TurboTax. Open on the computer the File Browser. If you are working with Windows 8 Operating system you need to press the Windows and ‘E’ on your keyboard for launching File Explorer. And if you are using Windows 7 or any other earlier version, click Start from the menu and select the Windows Explorer option.

Choose the file and move it to flash drive

Step 5: Now to save the file, you need to select the location on the hard drive. The file comes with an extension ‘.taxXXXX’ in which the term XXXX displays the year of tax. For instance, if the file extension says ‘.tax2017’ the file extension reveals that the file displays the details of return for the tax paid in 2017. Finally, drag the tax file using a mouse to the Flash Drive letter which is displayed on the drive in Computer, which is on the left side of the Window and then releases the mouse button. Windows reinforces the TurboTax file to the Flash Drive.

These are 5 handy steps that will help you copy the TurboTax file to a flash drive. When you do this, you can avoid loss of file and refer the documents anytime and on any PC. If you need any help, you can feel free to contact the support team and get assistance regarding any problem with the TurboTax tax filing software.

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