While a GPS device like Garmin is a great tool to help find a destination quickly and easily, outdated software and maps make it less effective. To stay up-to-date with all the latest Garmin GPS map updates. Contact Garmin customer services number +1844-853-1440 all you have to do is load the company’s free Garmin Express app for Windows or Mac.

How to Update your Garmin GPS Device

Step 1 – Connect the Garmin to your Windows or Mac laptop or desktop computer via the USB cable that is supplied with the device.

Step 2 – Install Garmin Express

Garmin makes it a lot easier to handle updates by offering just one application to manage all their portable Garmin GPS devices. Go to the website and select the Windows or Mac option and start downloading the free Garmin Express app. Open the file, click the “install” button and follow the instructions to complete the installation process.

Step 3 – Launch Garmin Express

Once the installation is complete the app should open automatically. If not, select the icon for Garmin Express and open the app. Select your GPS device from the options on screen. If your device is not listed, click “add a device” and add your GPS device. Select your device when it appears as an option.

Step 4 – Begin the Search

Once our device has been selected Garmin Express will search for all available updates. Make sure you have an internet connection. Wait for the app to complete the search and list all the latest available updates. When the list appears, click the “select all” button to install all updated maps and software from Garmin. You may have the option in certain cases to opt out of certain updates.

Step 5 – Wait for Updates to Install

While Garmin Express is installing updates the GPS device must stay connected to your computer. Check the on-screen time estimate and ensure that your computer does not switch off during the installation process as updates can take several hours to install. Sometimes you may be requested to install other software like Windows drivers for example before an update can take place. Follow all the instructions provided by the app in order to successfully complete the process.

Step 6 – Close the Garmin Express App and Disconnect Your GPS

Once all available updates have been installed, wait for the “installation complete” prompt before closing the app. Select the “device” button and right-click on the “eject” option in the window to safely disconnect the GPS device from a Windows computer.

To safely disconnect your GPS device from a Mac computer, go to the “file manager” option and select the “eject” option before unplugging the USB cable. If you have facing any issues related to Garmin Map Update, Contact our Garmin technical support number.

Always use the “Safely Remove Hardware” option on your computer before removing a USB cable. If you disconnect a USB connected device while data is being written it may cause data corruption. Some USB sticks have lights that blink while they are in use. However, in some cases a background program may still be writing data to the drive and could result in data corruption if the device is unplugged. To be absolutely sure always use the “Safely Remove Hardware” option before removing a device as it will tell you when all programs have completed their work.

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