AOL  – Does it bring you a sense of nostalgia? Of course, it should! AOL is very common for their email services. However, the web email is different from AOL Desktop gold that is a program which needs to be installed on your computer. The software provides access to emails, it has a web browser and you can read new and trending activities in one place. And when you have the software installed on your computer, you will have some minor problems and that’s when you’ll need AOL Desktop gold technical support.

Forget the Flaws and Call 1-844-853-1440 for AOL Desktop Gold Support

AOL desktop software design is consistent for decades and most of the users are aware of the layout. However, when there’s a problem with the software or if you need to add a new feature, you can call our technical support team to solve all your technical issues with AOL Desktop gold software.

The web-mail for AOL is entirely different and users may know how to use the browsers to access most of the features. Printing and saving emails through AOL web-mail was difficult but with AOL Desktop gold, people can enjoy a lot of benefits if they know what they are doing. If you are familiar with AOL web-mail and trying to install AOL desktop gold, you can call our technical support team to assist you better.

The Benefits of AOL Gold

Many users love the desktop software because it’s an enhanced version of AOL web mail that offers a wide range of features. Unlike web-mail, the desktop software has new enhanced security features and it has an automatic update that helps users to stay up-to-date. The look of the software is more or less the same as the web version, however, users will experience a better view.

Know the Security Features Available in AOL Desktop Gold

The basic version of AOL desktop has nominal security but the AOL desktop gold has an advanced version of security improvements which needs to be activated or realized. It has got the encryption and authentication.

Most of the AOL users do not understand or activate the two-way authentication and we at AOL Desktop gold support have an excellent technical team who can help users to enable the security. Our experts can talk to you and help you understand the importance of two-way security.

What Are the Most Common Problems with AOL Desktop Gold?

We have a few of the best technicians who can solve problems with your Download AOL Desktop Gold. Whether you need to install it, set it up or use any of their features, you can call us and get the best solution instantly. Here’s a list of troubleshooting that we handle and if something is not listed, you can simply call our AOL Desktop Gold Technical Support team and get the best solution.

  • Installing and updating the Desktop gold software
  • Internet access issues / unable to get online with Desktop gold issues
  • Unable to send or receive emails and other Mailing issues
  • Software slow or not responding
  • Microsoft desktop update
  • Computer/laptop slow down due to AOL desktop gold software

These are some of the common problems that our users report. We have excellent knowledge in fixing all the problems and our experts can provide a quick solution so that you can get back using the software at the earliest.

Do You Want to Update the Software?

AOL desktop gold is always ready for an update! When there’s new software or update, the program updates automatically. You may just have to restart the program or just close and reopen for the changes to effect. The system ensures that you always have the most updated version in your PC. Everything you close and reopen, you will automatically have the new version installed.

What if the software fails to update? You can call our technical support if you have any installation or update problem with the software.

Fixing AOL Gold Slow Issues

What would you do if the AOL gold software is running slow? You may try restarting the computer or try to stop the start-up programs and check how the software performs. If you still have a problem with slow speed, you can talk to experts who have better experience and understanding of the subject. Our experts are training and have good hands-on experience in handling AOL desktop gold software.

Call Our Technical Support Team to Install AOL Desktop Gold

Have you subscribed for AOL gold? Have you downloaded the software? You can now install AOL gold easily on your PC. If you cannot follow the instructions given by the AOL team, you have our technical experts who can help you with every step of installation.

You must know that you cannot install the program on an operating system which is lesser or earlier than Windows 7. Unfortunately, the desktop gold is available for Windows version 7 or more. You can try to read the user manual and install the software but if you need any assistance during the process, you can call us.

What Should You Do If You Are Missing Your Emails?

Are you waiting for an important email from your friends or colleagues? What would you do if you cannot find the email that you are looking for? Do not worry! We are just a call away. You can quickly talk to our team and get it fixed. Missing your emails may be one of the major issues that need immediate attention and our technical team can handle it with care.

Why Call Us for AOL Desktop Gold Technical Support?

  • Work with experts
  • Excellent team of technicians
  • Quick turnaround time
  • 24/7 support
  • Affordable price
  • Easy payment option
  • Excellent communication skills and customer handling skills
  • Technical knowledge

If you need any help with the AOL desktop gold, you can call our customer care agents and talk to them. We are here to help you with all technical queries and solve the problems with the software and PC. We also provide extended support to the computer, laptop, printers, and routers. Call us today for all your technical problems.

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