Be it your home or office, HP Printers have always played a vital role in accomplishing your task. But there are always some annoying situations that cause frustration and leads to productivity issues. Problem with the toner cartridges, ink cartridge problems, and faulty print head are some of the most common issues that may occur due to wear and tear of the printers. When there’s a problem with printers, your first point of contact should be a reliable HP printer customer support who would fix the problems with your HP inkjet and laser printers.

Here’s a list of 7 common HP printer problems and solutions suggested by reliable HP printer customer support and service

1. The printer is working too slow

The reasons behind such slow printing can be an issue with the memory, high-resolution setting or driver choices.

The solution to this problem is,

  • when images with high resolution are printed, they consume more data of both the printer and the PC while processing. So, while printing, select options like standard, normal mode or draft for official documents if you don’t want a gallery quality.
  • For presentations, you can move to high quality.
  • If the printing contains complex files, adding more memory would fix the problem

2. The prints are really bad

This happens due to poor image quality, smudging, or even faded prints which give an unprofessional look to your prints.

You can follow these solutions before you call your HP printer customer service

  • Check the printer driver and make sure you are using the right paper and media selected
  • Check whether the paper is properly loaded in the tray and it matches document type you have selected in the printer interface
  • Have a look at the toner cartridge, fuser and imaging units for any kind of damage.
  • If you can fix the fuser of the printer manually, try to change the settings if not wait for an expert to check them out.

3. The paper gets jammed in the printer

In most of the cases, slow printing leads to paper jams.

  • Use your User Guide or even the control panel that would provide with required instructions for removing the jammed paper. You can also refer the video manual.
  • Begin with inspection of the paper path and remove the jammed material from it. Make sure you remove the paper completely without tearing it
  • If the paper is misaligned, take out the tray and check the position of the paper. Remove and fix the tray again.

4. Printer not printing any documents

For fixing this problem, check out the steps below.

  • Choose the printer as a ‘default printer’ and try to print
  • Make sure the tray has the correct paper and all the cables are properly connected
  • Also check whether the USB and the printer are connected to the network
  • Also, check look for notifications regarding error message regarding the printer and try to act accordingly.

5. Using an outdated technology

HP Printers have given out various advanced printers. So, if you are using any outdated printer or any older version, here is what you need to do.

  • Accept it! Your HP Printer is outdated and is bearing an outdated software which might cause issues.
  • So, rather than investing in its repairs, better look for an updated version of firmware and updates by reaching a reliable printer support executive.

6. Streaks on printout

Not getting clear images? Here is what you can do to get accurate images and a crisp and clear printout.

  • Check if the printer nozzles and the paper are working well
  • If they are fine, check if your cartridge is having required ink or the toner
  • Generally, replacing the ink cartridges and toners with new ones would give actual solution

7. The printer is warming up

This problem is associated with the driver or the printer cable. Here is how you can fix it.

  • Turn off the Printer
  • Take out the printer cable
  • Turn it ON and reconnect the cables
  • If the printer reports ready, update the printer driver, but if it doesn’t, the issue could be with the cables so try replacing another cable.

Hope these tips are helpful to fix most of the common printer issues. If you are not familiar with any of the problems do contact experts without causing huge damage to the printers. Call customer service team.

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